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Garbagea by Asher Jay is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at www.asherjay.com.

Garbagea, creating a safe and sublime sanctuary for abandoned, forlorn, wet, soiled, distressed and bi-polar (circulating in gyres between the poles) rubbish, because no one else has cared enough to address their pariah plight. Since suggested solutions to reduce, reuse and recycle have barely been adopted by people like you, you and other litterbugs out there who are equally blasé are plenty welcome to apply for citizenship in Garbagea, where the landscapes are psychedelic and assets are hard to hold on to. Let go, relax and roll in our glorious wastelands.

This video, titled Shorts On Sustainability S.O.S., seems to be deliberating several counter Garbagean themes in visually succinct, segmented narratives but we at Garbagea do not mind such animated disdain being channeled toward our wastelands. We think it is pretty admirable that there are still some people trying to salmon their way against the tides of consumerism toward the shores of sustainability, futile but admirable. It would just be easier if they accepted their imminent deaths with dignity but our political ambiguity impels us to grant everyone freedom of choice, which entitles even the salmon sort to exit however they feel inclined. One order of “kicking and screaming as extinction is impressed upon you” coming right up!

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